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12•03•2012 - Weddings

Cindy and Scott : Married

Last but most definitely not least. Cindy and Scott were my last wedding of the year and to say we saved one of the best for last would be right on the money. The love that day was palpable. I really appreciate a wedding where its not just the bride and groom that are brought together, but their whole families. You could really tell that this was a joining of two families very rooted in faith and love and a marriage that starts that way is only destined for great things. Congratulations, you guys! Here's to many happy years ahead!
Gorgeous makeup by the one and only D'Shannon.
This is Cindy's own bible. Love all the notes and marks in it that make it unique to her!
Proud Papa!
We had gorgeous light and an incredibly beautiful bride to shoot! WIN!
So sweet!
Cards fans, anyone?
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