Stevie Photography
11•15•2012 - Weddings

Cara and Jerremy : Married

Event Details & Talent
Florist - Elisa Wilkinson
Catering - Company B BBQ
Invitation - Unique Moments by Midwest Printing
DJ - Owl DJ
I love a good wedding theme as much as the next photographer. The wonderful and uncommon thing about Cara and Jerremy's wedding is that this isn't just their wedding theme, its their lifestyle! Jerremy is country boy through-and-through and seemed right at home among the horses and sprawling land at Rocking J Ranch and Cara thought of every last detail to make the barn wedding and reception chic and cozy alike. So many wonderful details! But what really 'circled the wagons' for me about this day was the people. All the love and laughter from the family and friends gathered to celebrate and partake in a few (ahem) libations to celebrate these two crazy kids was an amazing sight. And I, in my jeans and boots, was most excited to be a part of it. Congratulations Cara and Jerremy!
She even had boots for slippers. That's attention to detail, folks.
Cara you made the most beautiful bride!!
I spy another Stevie bride! Jenny (top left) is Cara's sister!
Love the boots with short dresses. Perfection!
Cutest buckaroo there. I die.
Yes! His ring is camo! :)
No peeking!
Some fun with the bridal party. Love these!
Sweet shot of the barn after sunset. Cool clouds!
Oh, the armadillo cake! I think Cara's favorite movie is Steel Magnolias so this was a MUST! It was even red velvet!
... sure did.