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10•15•2012 - Weddings

Devin and Zach : Married

Event Details & Talent
Hair/Makeup - Melissa Michler
Catering - Fema's Catering
From the moment I met Devin and Zach, I knew their wedding was going to be one of a kind. I could see that she had all these ideas and visions and hopes in her head for what the day would look like and, to no one's surprise, it turned out to be exactly that. Paper flowers, a peacock feather, an old courthouse and one daring duo to pull it all off. Oh, and I dare you to not want a red pair of Chuck's at the end. I have my pair bookmarked on Zappos.
Sparkly red Toms for the bride!
Devin, you are STU-UH-UH-NING! Just sayin'.
Their ceremony took place at the old courthouse in Carlinville, IL. Such a neat space!
Red chucks! Gah! love.
Of course we did the photo from the movie poster of 'Bridesmaids'. They even had their parts all picked out!
Paper explosion!
Seriously, you guys. I could've shot these details all night. Perfection!
A prize for the first comment who knows what the Groom's cake on the left is modeled after...
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